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Liddle begins the documentary by surveying common criticisms of religion, and particularly antireligious arguments based on the prevalence of religious violence.He argues that the “very stupid human craving for certainty and justification”, not religion, is to blame for this violence, and that atheism is becoming just as dogmatic as religion.The wish to be taken care of is natural, we’ve all had it at one time or another.

Children get allowances for doing chores, so they can go to the mall; adults earn paychecks to support themselves. Standing on your own two feet is scary, but it’s a developmental necessity. I hope for your sake and hers, she can do the psychological work and go to work. Photo credits: Donna Reed Wannabee by Marci Roth Illustration on Flickr.Also, if you have a daughter(s), what kind of role model is she setting?Why should you encourage your daughter to go to college much less save for tuition when mom doesn’t use her degree(s)?In order to support his thesis, Liddle presents numerous examples of actions and words by atheists which he argues are direct parallels of religious attitudes.He characterizes Atkins and Dawkins as “fundamentalist atheists” and “evangelists”. Department of Energy National Laboratory focused on particle physics, as a “temple to science”, and characterizes Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species as a “sacred text” for atheists.

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In response to atheistic appeals to science as a superior method for understanding the world than religion, Liddle argues that science itself is akin to religion: “the problem for atheists is that science may not be as far away from religion as you might imagine”.