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If he gets off, then its a sure bet he's at least bi.Jensen gets off so spectacularly that he almost passes out.Welcome to VOL 2/Book 2 of Split One Shots: Only the Sexy. Comment what you want to see happen with who/or pairing and some details.The more detail's the better I can write it :)"Okay just to let my readers\requester's know.Hermione Granger is still a know-it-all, back at school and seemingly in her element.Severus Snape survived and has taken up residence in the Potion's classroom once more. Based on an SPN Kink Meme prompt: Jensen's parents have sent him to therapy concerned about his interest in boys, rather than girls.

People nobody cared about seeing until Jungkook stepped into Student Lounge-A one day after school. Hanzo Shimada, the heir of one of Japan’s most powerful crime syndicates, has presented as an omega – the lowest of the three secondary sexes, whose members are widely considered to be little more than objects, the property of their alpha superiors.

Yet, behind the handsome, smiling faces were people.

Colette doesn't yet know that she needs his manipulations, his careful control.

She hides behind her books and he hides behind his sneer and his wit.

Damian Wayne-Al Ghul is a Prince ruling alongside his parents.

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The non-con is due more to Dean's age (unspecified teenager) than anything explicit, but Sam is still in a position of power so this is potentially TRIGGERING. Link is moved from foster home to foster home ever since his parents died in an accident when he was 8. Deemed a trouble child, he has no hope of ever settling down or being adopted, until Gaepora takes him under his wing.

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  1. But while women say they have a "type"—they love bearded gingers or get off on guys in glasses—they don't filter out man who doesn't meet those specific physical criteria.

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