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Discuss your dreams and aspirations, share your story, and get to know who you are, heart-to-heart. At the end of the day our top dating advice is to follow your heart and be confident in your choices.

If you would not want it said to you, do not say it to someone else.

Some say I’m the most famous (and most controversial) Taxi Cab Driver in America.

I only have one rule: “Don’t ask the question, if you really don’t want to hear the answer.” Writing a letter to me is like going on The Jerry Springer Show—you know what you’re gonna get.

If any of those things are missing, he’s going somewhere to get it, because he has to have it.” “I just think women’s approach to communication is very emotional and our approach to getting to know somebody is, we’re very focused on, in most cases, one thing unfortunately.

That’s the truth,” the singer and co-author said while promoting that book.

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You also don’t want anyone who is dating you to make a statement. When it’s some idiot in public staring or making an offensive comment, it can be easy to ignore.

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