Did denise vasi dating russell simmons shaun deeb online dating

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Did denise vasi dating russell simmons

I really look(ed) up to Russell Simmons, not just for his accomplishments in ghe music industry, but also for what seems like his commitment to veganism and other non-typical means of personal growth. I've had some really low down people in my life, who I once thought of as friends.

Simmons himself, or the messages he was trying to deliver.

So this report, combined with the 'blood diamonds' fiasco, comes as a disapointment. And he was definitely batting even - I met three really great, smart employees of his.

Trully humble, grounded people do not chooose to surround themselves with assholes, and Russell has more than enough power to be able to be selective with his entourage. So the other two comedians who seemed to work for him and the lady who may not, don't necessarily reflect on his humble or grounded nature as far as I see it.

I just want to add that I really wrestled with the entourage paragraph.

I stood right next to them with a pad and pen in my hand, and I was really surprised.

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