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That relationship didn’t improve after the handling of two recent deaths with ties to the Village.

Pell has protested his innocence and said he was looking forward to having his day in court after a two-year investigation, 'leaks to the media' and 'relentless character assassination'.

Her body was not found for four days, and was discovered not by police but her mother, who had travelled from North Bay to join the search.

Her body was in an alleyway, just steps from where she had last been seen.

Police set up a task force, in 2013, to investigate the mysterious disappearances and search for connections between the three men, but it was eventually spun down and laid dormant—at least until Esen and Kinsman went missing, when a second task force was created.

There has been nothing to point police conclusively towards foul play, or to link the old cases with the new ones.

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