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Rawleigh's ointment online dating

Then as now, you won’t find Rawleigh products in any store.

Their method certainly worked; by 1920 Rawleigh had more than 22 million customers.

Rawleigh finally closed its Memphis division completely in the late 1970s, and the complex — which is actually three adjoining buildings — was sold. Rawleigh Company is still around, and has adapted to the changing times by setting up a handy website where customers can purchase their products online. It sold medical supplies, flavored extracts and ground spices. Postcard with Bird’s Eye View of Main Laboratories, The W. Its nine floors are equipped with the very latest machinery for the manufacture of Rawleigh Quality Products, and it is the center of attraction for visitors and tourists. of floor space, was built in 1914 and is but one of the many factory buildings necessary in producing sufficient Rawleigh Household and Farm Remedies to meet rapidly increasing demand resulting in Repeat Orders from satisfied users-a most expressive and substantial endorsement from ten million users.”Postcard, undated.

In recent years it has been used as a production and distribution facility for John Simmons’ gift and art company, Carnevale, among other things. The motto was “You don’t pay until you are satisfied”. In its construction 300 tons of steel, 15,000 barrels of cement, about 800 carloads of sand and gravel, 50 carloads of other material and half a million vitrified brick, were used. Text reads: “To secure accuracy and uniformity of Rawleigh Products all raw materials and finished products are scientifically and accurately tested by chemists before, during and after formulation.

In line with Rawleigh’s unflagging efforts to pioneer and discover new markets and supplies, as well as to modernize and update his factory operations, Rawleigh’s glass bottle factory was built at Freeport in 1926 to make the carload of bottles that was being used every working day at the Rawleigh factories.

The glass furnace tank held 150 tons of molten glass (about 2600 degrees F.) which was heated by blasts of producer gas.

The company headquarters was based in Freeport, though there were other manufacturing plants located elsewhere in the US during the heydey of the company, including a huge manufacturing facility located at Memphis, Tennessee.

There are many minor variants of the bottles with this marking, both BIMAL (Blown in mold by hand, applied lip) and ABM (made by Automatic Bottle Machine methods). The earlier versions of the bottles have a ‘smooth’ lip designed for a cork closure, and the later variants (probably after the mid to late 1920s) have a screw-threaded lip.

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In 1958, the big manufacturing operation here shut down.

The buildings were converted into warehouses for the company. Postcard made November 12, 1909 by photographer Resier on an AZO back. Description reads “The building in the foreground on the other side of the card is the largest in the world devoted exclusively to the manufacture of proprietary medicines.

The height of popularity of this company and it’s products appears to have been during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

The bottles are very commonly found, but are still of interest as there are so many slight variations in their exact appearance.

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