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— More than 0,000 in cash was found in a secret compartment of a car during a Tuesday traffic stop near Dunn.According to the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy stopped a 2005 Lexus on Chicken Farm Road and a search of the car found 6,850 in cash hidden inside.

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"Here eat this." He held a piece of chocolate in front of her and she opened her mouth and let him give it to her. He could tell when the edible kicked in because everything struck her as funny. He tossed the throw pillows on the floor and she made him pick them up and stack them in a chair. He loved his camera, it was never far from his hands.

He had her lay down on the bed and fanned her hair out on the white sheets. "Well, I should hope so, if not this photography degree will be as useless as dad keeps telling me." "You're right he's an ass and you shouldn't be listening to him either." "I quit listening to him years ago." He snapped a few more pictures but he really wasn't getting the pictures he'd envisioned for his female form layout.

Upload a pic to the group chat." "Yeah, I'm sure she'd really appreciate you losers jacking off to her pic." "If what you say is true she'd probably love it." Someone laughed.

"I tell you what, I'll get a pic for you perverts but it's gonna cost you 20 bucks each." "Fine but it's gotta have a newspaper or something so we know it's a pic you took and not something you googled." "No problem." He had a layout he needed to do for his photography class anyway, one extra picture was no big deal.

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"No, I don't." He laughed, "Trust me I am in no way required to describe my mom as hot." He wasn't required to say it but it was the God's honest truth. I don't know how I'd get through this without you." "I'm glad I'm here too. You're tougher than he is too." He reached past her and pulled a wine glass off the rack. "You're not old enough." She admonished but he took a swallow anyway. He pulled the white top sheet free and rumpled the fitted sheet.