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The following diagram illustrates such a monolithic class hierarchy (adopted from the book ): Game-object components address these issues by reducing game-objects to identifiable containers of components, where each component encapsulates some reusable functionality and automatically communicates with other components.A component could be something like: a position, player movement, 3D model, health-points and so on.And how does this fit into the automatic Position-Mover-communication?In the book A software component is a software element that conforms to a component model and can be independently deployed and composed without modification according to a composition standard.

Component-based software engineering can still be applied in this environment on higher level, like the communication between subsystems or game-objects, but not on the level of game-object functionality level!

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I’m arguing that game-objects are always game-specific but with time-dependent functions you just have to combine the existing functionality in the right way for every specific game-object.

For example, let the movement of a game-object by calculated by: the initial position some translation over time from user-input a random factor … You may then compose the movement behavior into more complex behaviors (or complete game-objects if you like) in every way you can imagine: A movable, static image game-object? Moving Animation = same translation function draw animation function. Static Animation = position draw animation function.

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[...] A component model defines specific interaction and composition standards.

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