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IBM Unionization The history of Structure capabilities was: 1975 movie "Three Days of the Condor" tech stuff Memories of ACC, IBM Channels and Mainframe Internet Devices Taxes THE runs in DOS box? Old word & word combination frequency analysis since then CVE reports have moved to nist recent post discussing buffer overflow in more detail: references old article from the 90s about buffer overflow is the most common security bug: into this century it somewhat shifts to 1/3rd buffer overflow, 1/3rd social engineering, and 1/3rd automatic execution. Microminiaturized Modules Old-school programming techniques you probably don't miss My Vintage Dream PC And, 40 years of IBM midrange big iron mainframe vs. reference to NIST calculating that buffer overflow drops to 20% (over the previous 4 yrs) not so much that the number of buffer overflows has dropped, but that other exploits have increased (so buffer overflows are smaller percentage of larger pie).I'm currently reading Bing West's recently published book "The Wrong War" point is periodically made about various (To Be) officers being extremely "risk adverse" since blemishes on the record can block promotion. "Peter Principle" can imply that the incompetent getting promoted, may not be actively involved in the promotion decisions (almost passive with respect to the events); Boyd's To Be or To Do has more of the sense that incompetent have been actively campaigning for the promotions.The corollary involves individuals that spend the majority of their time & effort actively involved in "career management" (their nominal responsibilities and business taking a backseat).Let me explain the MS to world: Stop sending money, we have enough - was Re: Most ... Project Monterey -- virtualization experience starting Jan1968, online at home since Mar1970 I had done some analysis of CVE reports (in part support for my merged security taxonomy & glossary) ...can't run Vista time spent/day on a computer The Perfect Computer - 36 bits? back when they were still being handled by Mitre (at the time, I had asked some of the Mitre people if the reports could follow a little more structured reporting; at the time they said they were lucky enough to get people to fill them out at all). Global CIO: Global Banks Form Consortium To Counter HP, IBM, & Oracle Titles for the Class of 1978 Age origin of 'fields'? it would have been much more productive and efficient to use all that additional networking hardware as part of conversion to tcp/ip. however it is almost as hard to have buffer overflows as it is to NOT have buffer overflows in C). past posts mentioning buffer overflows Semi-related ... virtual machines and other kinds of security related stuff ...

Recent refs to To Be or To Do: Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs Are Eating America's Lunch If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company past refs to "career enhancing" &/or never forgive for being right: arrogance metrics (Benoits) was: general networking cost of crossing kernel/user boundary Offshore IT I am an ageing techy, expert on everything. the executive sponsoring the activity retires (see description in above wiki). it was easier to clone an RDBMS and only have the items needed for specific set of tasks ... Heavily used in 1988, when VNET was converted from the old but trusty RSCS software to the new strategic solution. The career path is designed to enhance their abilities and loyalty, traditionally by rapid promotion and by protecting them from the more disastrous errors that they might commit. The Wednesday or Thursday before a long weekend in the USA for which the Thursday or Friday (respectively) is a holiday. I would sponsor (real & virtual) Friday's after work at some watering hole near san jose plant customer name & address in possibly hundreds of different databases. past posts mentioning original relational/sql System/R -- virtualization experience starting Jan1968, online at home since Mar1970 re: IBM Future System IBM Future System If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company A History of VM Performance A History of VM Performance from ibm jargon: fast track - n. and there was massive building program going on to double manufacturing capacity (and I guess fast track was attempting to double executives). a couple old "virtual Friday" emails Date: 03/31/83 From: wheeler re: friday; cc: friday; since tomorrow is a day off ... it was that somebody in YKT was telling xxxxxx that we couldn't have Boyd speak in SJR until after he spoke in YKT. besides supposedly doing their own design, there was also heavy funding for Steve's SSI.A career path for selected men and women who appear to conform to the management ideal. it doesn't mention the disastrous results that it had on organizations that were unfortunate enough to have an executive position being used for fast track (having rapid transition by large number of different individuals that didn't understand that organizations business). I've mentioned before that it was relatively trivial in the mid-80s to show that the trend was towards commodity hardware (and opposite of what was being predicted by the CEO, not a very career enhancing activity). That executive retires end of Oct91 which resulted in review of a number of efforts, including Kingston.The career path is designed to enhance their abilities and loyalty, traditionally by rapid promotion and by protecting them from the more disastrous errors that they might commit. Arbitrary interchangable executives complimented the "Mongolian Hordes Technique" paradigm: Mongolian Hordes Technique - n. We left during the red-ink period a few years later ... After the Kingston review, there was an effort launched looking around the company for something to be used as supercomputer and found cluster scaleup above mentions SP1 introduced 2feb93 (instead of ye92).

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mentioned in this old post as well as doing a lot of work in the area of high-speed data transport ... ) in order to retain an advantage over the end users.