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Updating archive quickfinder indexes

Unfortunately these drives suffer from leaking electrolytic capacitors.

Please see the link for a description how to repair them.

Look at the design lesson I got from Bil Herd, the hardware designer of the C128 Want 64bit?

The CDM Executive Board, at its ninetieth meeting, considered the recommendations of the SSC WG in relation to the parameter fraction of non-renewable biomass (f NRB) included in methodologies AMS-I. G and agreed that: (a) The default country-specific f NRB values already approved by the Board shall expire five years from the date of their approval; (b) In cases where Designated National Authorities (DNA) decide to propose a renewal with an update to the f NRB values, they shall follow the “Procedure: Development, revision, clarification and update of standardized baselines” (standardized baseline procedures), including for the requirement related to the period of validity of the f NRB value; (c) The SSC WG should initiate work to propose a revision to the method for the top down development of f NRB values for consideration by the Board.

Used when a database gets created with foreign language names for system folders, and you want to reset them to some other language.In the following you find some more information about these drives: All in all, there were two major 5.25" disk formats for the PET series, the 35 track double density version with around 170 k Byte and the 39/78 track quad density version with 512k/1M Byte free. The quad density came in two variations only, single sided (8050 DOS2.5/2.7) and double sided (8250/1001 DOS2.7).The double sided drives could read the single sided disks ok.The drive LED's go off and the center Tri-State LED remains green.The sytem has a built in self diagnostic which can be read in the form of a flash code.

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In the event of a failure, the 3 LED's will blink in a repetitive sequence.

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